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  • One Wise Woman

    Happy Monday Friends! I’ve been so preoccupied with writing and preparing for Fall conferences and retreats, that it’s been a while since have written on the blog! This afternoon, Pat and I were planning our upcoming trip to Bethany Beach, and I remembered the post I wrote after we returned last year. So… I am sharing it again. I’ll have a brand new post next week —  in the meantime, I hope you are blessed by how God works through women who use their wisdom well…. 


    Our plan was to not have a plan. We both simply wanted to sit, relax, chat and look at the waves for four glorious days. So, a week or so ago, Pat and I went away for a much needed rest at the beach. We rented a beautiful condo right on the ocean. What a view!


    It was a great trip – we walked along the sand, watched the waves for hours, had long conversations, and took a little trip down memory lane. The condo was in Bethany Beach – but memory lane was a little ways up the coastal highway in a sweet seaside town called Rehoboth.


    When I was a little girl, my grandparents lived on a farm on Maryland’s Eastern Shore not too far from there – a visit to their place in the summer always meant a day trip to the beach. My parents would rent a cottage for two weeks every summer while I was growing up and Pat & I continued the summer tradition when our boys came along. I have so many wonderful memories of Rehoboth Beach – they span from the earliest memories of my childhood up until when my boys were teenagers.

    So…it was fun to walk all over the little town and the boardwalk – remembering this and remembering that. We spent the day conjuring up old family vacation stories and recalling the early years of marriage and family. As we walked along Baltimore Avenue, I stopped Pat in front of a cute little restaurant and asked him “Do you know what happened here?”



    He told me he didn’t know.

    One summer, after Pat and I had been dating for a few months, I invited him to join me on my annual family vacation at the beach. We were both looking forward to spending time with each other and also with my parents & grandmother.

    I could feel myself falling in love with him. It kind of scared me. Before Pat and I started going out, my history with boyfriends was pretty dismal — most were very unkind and untrustworthy —  it was strange to date someone who was so completely different. It’s sad to admit that ‘kind’ and ‘caring’ seemed strange to me but, to be honest, it did.

    We arrived at the beach cottage and settled in with the family. All was well for the first day or so – and then something really weird happened. It came right out of the blue and was completely unprovoked.

    I wanted him to go home.

    I really wanted him to go home.

    Yep – the poor boy had practically just unpacked his bags and now I wanted him to leave.

    I don’t know what had come over me, but I was in a complete panic. I’ll spare you the details – but it was like some strange mood took me over and I did not want him there anymore. I wasn’t even remotely nice about it.

    I told him our relationship was all wrong. We were not a good match. He needed a quiet, more reserved girlfriend and I needed…well, I didn’t know what I needed – but I was sure I didn’t need him!

    The next day a very dejected and confused Pat left the beach and went home. My family stood there with their jaws on the floor. They were mortified and could not believe my behavior. It was completely unlike me to do such a thing and I had no good explanation.

    I went to my room and flopped on my bed. My grandmother knocked on the door and invited me to lunch. We ended up going to this cute little restaurant on Baltimore Avenue in Rehoboth – just the two of us.

    It was in that little place, over lunch, that I had one of the most important conversations of my life.

    Before our food even arrived, my grandma lovingly but oh-so-directly called me out on my behavior toward Pat. She explained to me what she thought was going on and urged me to not fear falling in love with him. She felt I sent him away because of ‘cold feet’ and, in hindsight, she was right.

    Over our salads, I was reminded — in detail — of the previous boys I had brought home and how unkind they were to me. She told me that in Pat she saw a kind, faithful, trustworthy, Christian young man who could love me the way I needed to be loved. She strongly encouraged me to pray, think and consider what and who I may be sending away.

    And then, over dessert and coffee, my sweet widowed grandmother winked her eye and said to me,

    “Laura Anne, if you don’t marry him, I will!”

    Oh, we laughed over that one for years!

    Her honest words – direct and true – snapped me out of my fears and pushed me toward my destiny.

    Just a little over a year after that lunch and conversation, Pat and I were married – and, just as grandma predicted, he has been kind, faithful, trustworthy and has loved me the way I needed to be loved for 32 years.


    My wise grandmother knew the truth about Pat before I did. I am sure that every time I introduced her to one of the previous, unsuitable boyfriends she got on her knees and prayed for my future husband – and when he showed up, she knew it!

    It just took me a little while to know it, too.

    Did you know that Scripture recounts many instances of wise, truth-telling women?

    2 Samuel 20:16-22 tells a brief story about someone known only as “one wise woman.” Her city faced a life or death situation. It was a matter of survival. One commentator writes;

    “This one wise woman gathered information, held off an army with diplomacy, called a meeting and persuaded her fellow citizens of the best action to take to save the city. The townspeople had the discernment to recognize wise counsel when they heard it.”

    They followed her advice. One wise woman used her wisdom to save the destiny of many and it was so significant that the Lord made sure it was written in His book!

    So… here are the questions:

    Is there a wise woman who has shown you the way, pointed you toward God’s will, and even given you a push when you needed it?

    And…who are you praying for? Your child?  Your grandchild? Your daughter-in-law? A friend?

    Will you be ‘one wise woman’ and speak loving truth to her?

    Never, ever, underestimate the power and influence of one wise woman AND of a praying, truth-telling grandmother.

    Many Blessings,


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  • Happy September!

    Hi there, Girlfriends!

    I hope that you have had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! I am writing this to you on Saturday morning, and here in Damascus, the air coming in my window feels like an early Fall day. Yay!

    I don’t know about you, but once September is here, I am ready for full-blown autumn and pumpkin everything! Bring it on!

    Fall is such a very busy time – I imagine you are busy too.There is so much going on, and for those of us who speak at women’s events, this is prime time – which brings me to why I am writing to you!

    I hope you will join me at Damascus Road Community Church on Saturday morning September 17th from 9-12!

    The DRCC women’s ministry team is putting on their 3rd annual conference and I am delivering the message titled, ‘Walk in It: Shining the Light Along the Way.’ This is brand new!


    My prayer is that ‘Walk in It’ will be an encouragement to those of us who are trying our best to walk in the current culture in a way that advances the Gospel and honors Jesus. Not an easy task in this day and age – believe me, I’ve written the message for myself as well as for those who will hear it!

    This is my only Fall speaking engagement that is open to the public – all are welcome! If you live in the MD, PA, VA or DE region, I hope you will spread the word to your friends and the women in your churches!  

    Damascus Road Community Church is off Route 70 in New Market, Maryland. Just east of Frederick, it is an easy trip for many of you. :-)

    Thank you for following my blog and for your comments & encouragement along the way. I have not written posts as often this summer, due to writing new messages, but I do have a piece brewing, and you will see it soon. Stay tuned!

    I also plan to have a few new Fall recipes under the ‘freebies’ tab on the website. Until I do, there are some still there from last year – be sure to check them out. You will find a pumpkin cookie with browned butter icing recipe and it is delicious! All of the recipes are on pretty printables, which makes them fun to share. 

    As always, I appreciate you more than I can say and I love to hear from you. If you need someone to pray for you – I’m your girl. Send me a message via email or FB and I promise to pray faithfully. Sometimes, we need a sister who is ‘off-site’ to pray for us. Please do not ever hesitate to ask. Prayer connects us – it is a beautiful thing between two sisters in faith.

    If you’re looking for a speaker, I would love to share the message at your church or women’s gathering! I am currently booking for Christmas 2016 and Spring 2017. My Fall schedule is full! Thanks to all who have invited me to speak over the next few months. I can’t wait! 

    I do hope to see you on September 17th!

    Wendy, Suellen and the team put on a lovely morning event. There will be beautiful worship, a welcoming & friendly group of women and delicious food! If you are there, please stop by my resource table and say hi! The cost for the day is only $15.00. You may register at:

    Whether we meet up this Fall or not, may our Lord bless you as you head into such a busy time of year. It is pure JOY to serve you through this ministry – I love you all dearly.










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