My Story

I am no different from you. I want to live the abundant and effective life God has planned just for me, to be in His perfect will – but often times I miss the mark. I am such a work in progress. The truth is: I talk way too much; I over-think everything; I have been called ‘flighty’; and (to quote Beth Moore) “I’m blonder than I pay to be.” Yet, in spite of it all, today I walk in freedom and joy in a way that escaped me for many, many years. I am one grateful woman!

Because of God’s love, grace, and healing, I have an unquenchable desire to know Him more deeply. I am committed to applying His Word to my life so I can continue to grow and mature. I feel compelled to testify to His character as a redeemer of broken thinking, broken hearts, and broken dreams. He certainly is all of those things to me – and He is for you, too.

I’m married to Pat, the man I met when we both had parts in an Italian opera at our local community college. He had the role of a non-singing priest and I played an Italian peasant in the chorus! That meeting, when we were both 20 years old, led to a friendship – then a courtship – and now a marriage of 38 years. We are polar opposites of each other; he is laid back, calm and thoughtful – and I am…well, the opposite! We ARE the same on the important things, though – our lifetime commitment to the Lord, tending to our marriage, and devotion to our family. Many things have changed for us over the years – but those three things, in that order, have remained the same.

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Just like you, I wear many hats! Along with being a wife to Pat, I am mom to Patrick, Grant, and Matthew, mother-in-law to Angela, and "Nonie" to our beloved first grandchild, Evelyn Grace.

I am also a speaker, author, and the co-founder of Sisters in Faith Ministries (which includes: Women Who Lead Women: Connection, Community Collaboration and Step-Up Coaching for Women in Ministry). I LOVE to serve women through speaking, writing, teaching and coaching. My family worships and serves at Damascus Road Community Church.

My first book, Still Becoming: Hope, Healing and Healing for the Diet-Weary Soul will be released in December 2022.

A few other favorite things… A fire going in our backyard fire pit on a cool Fall evening; sitting under our big old maple tree with a book on a warm day; any time we are together as a family; a long chat with a good friend; make-up, jewelry and all things ‘girlie’, shopping at vintage markets and an addiction to all manner of British period drama and programming that took me away during the pandemic shut down!


Statement of Faith

I believe in the Triune God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – each person distinct and yet perfect in unity, community and purpose. I believe that Jesus Christ is the only Son of God. Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone. I believe the Holy Scriptures are without error and that they are God’s revelation to all people. I believe there is one true church, the body of Christ, consisting of all believers.

Mission Statement

My deepest desire is to continue to grow in my relationship with Christ, to become the mature woman He has created me to be and to inspire the same desire in other women. The calling God has placed on my life is to encourage and challenge women to grow up in health and wholeness and to take God at His Word. I want each woman to know she can take off her mask, experience His restoration, and be the beautiful one He created her to be. My hope is that through my ministry, God will be glorified and His Word proclaimed to a lost and hurting world.