Still Blooming Christian Coaching with Laura Acuña: Guiding Christian Women to Faithfully Flourish and Confidently Embrace What's Next

What is Christian Life Coaching?

Christian Life Coaching is a transformative journey that combines faith-based guidance and personalized support to empower you to align your life with your Christian faith, purpose, and potential. Through meaningful conversations, introspective exercises, and actionable strategies, my approach to coaching will help you gain clarity, deepen your connection with God, and replace limiting beliefs with liberating truth from God’s Word. Altogether, this will enable you to navigate your next season of life with renewed confidence and thrive as your authentic self – the woman God created to you be.

My Approach to Coaching

Here’s my initial credential: I’m a late bloomer! After an epic failure in college when I was in my 20’s, I returned to school almost 30 years later at age 50, graduating summa cum laude at 55 – a testimony to the redeeming and healing love of God. While still in school, I began a new chapter at 53, becoming a blogger and speaker for Christian women’s events. Over time, God expanded my ministry, and my first book was published at 64. Now, at almost 65, I’m thrilled to introduce my life coaching ministry, driven by a strong belief and firsthand experience that it is never, ever too late for God to write a new story!

Studies show the most productive decades of our lives are between the ages of 50-80, and yet, so many women believe their best years are behind them. Why wouldn’t the enemy have a great interest in sidelining women just as they are about to enter the most fruitful years for God? We must reject the lies and replace them with truth.

You, my sister, possess unique gifts, resources, and a strategic position in this time and place to serve Him and embrace the flourishing and abundant life He offers each of us.

If you lack a clear vision for ‘what’s next,’ and feel unable to move forward, I’m here to help. Together, we’ll uncover your next right steps and ask God to bring into focus the bright new season ahead of you!

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Education and Credentials:

  • BS in Christian Counseling with a minor in Biblical Studies, Liberty University (Summa Cum Laude)
  • Board Certified Professional Life Coach (CPCLC), International Christian Coaching Institute
  • Board Certified Master Mental Health Coach, American Association of Christian Counselors

I had a lot of confusion and doubt about God’s calling on my life and didn’t know the best path forward.  Laura came along side of me and gave me the clarity, resources, and support that I needed to step out in faith and begin my journey. Her expertise and encouragement were invaluable.
-Gail Sadler

As a coach, Laura always makes you feel special and cared for. She is gentle yet isn’t afraid to broach tough topics when needed.  She has personally been through many situations that have helped her to grow in wisdom and allow her to be empathetic, discerning, and capable of guiding you through your difficulties. I highly recommend her.
- Mandy Hood

Laura and I first connected when I was a women’s ministry leader. She coached me through that process, and I have been truly blessed by our on-going relationship. I trust her wisdom is God-breathed.  God uses her for His Glory, and I look forward to continuing my personal and spiritual journey with the guidance of her coaching skills. 
- Linda Franklin

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Discover Clarity

Embrace the life-changing potential of Christian coaching as we unveil God’s purpose for you. Clarity and vision may feel elusive, but they will emerge, giving you the motivation to conquer challenges and move forward.

Embrace God's Guidance

Your coaching journey thrives on commitment and devotion. Side by side, we’ll embark on soul-stirring dialogues with God, shaping a custom roadmap for your personal growth. We will follow where He leads.

Step into Empowerment

Equipped with newfound clarity, divine direction, and strategies to conquer self-limiting beliefs, you will become empowered to walk confidently into what God has planned specifically for you!

Let’s work together!

Please note: my coaching practice serves women only.

I’d like to schedule a complimentary discovery call to learn more about:
I’d like to schedule a complimentary <strong>discovery call</strong> to learn more about:
I’d like to schedule a complimentary <strong>discovery call</strong> to learn more about:
I’d like to schedule a complimentary <strong>discovery call</strong> to learn more about:
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