The Push/Pull {of letting go}

I made it! If you read my post last week, you may remember that I was struggling a bit. We had a whole bunch of life events that were hitting at once and I was feeling very conflicted about all the changes. My emotions were all over the map and I

Time Got Away From Me

I’ve got a lot going on. I don’t know how it all snuck up on me, but it has. I lost a week at the end of April when my dad was in the hospital – maybe that’s how the time got away from me. All I know is, all

What Will They Inherit From You?

In most families, precious treasures are passed down from one generation to another. Such things are irreplaceable. Having been lovingly cared for over the years, they are part of an inheritance that goes from parent-to-child over generations. The number of generations that it is able to go depends on how

One Year…

It is hard to believe, but today marks one year since my mother went to heaven. I was going to write ‘since I lost my mother’ – but, as my friend Debbie reminded me recently, I haven’t lost her at all. She is safe and I know exactly where she

The Key To Doing Life Well

Where did all the time go? As February winds down and March appears on the horizon, I feel as if the months are just racing by. Everyone tells you that, as you grow older, the years go by with lightning speed – and, as far as I’m concerned, that is

"The first time I heard Laura communicate, my exact response was 'Wow'! Laura's teaching style is passionate, relatable, and hope-filled. She radiates warmth, kindness and a genuine interest in those around her -- on and off the platform. Her amazing story of transformation, coupled with her solid biblical teaching, will leave you also saying "wow!" If you're looking for a dynamic communicator, Laura has my highest recommendation!"

- Cindy Bultema, International Speaker and author of Red Hot Faith: Lessons from a Lukewarm Church and Live Full, Walk Free: Set Apart in a Sin Soaked World