A Beautiful ADVENTure: Elizabeth

Merry Christmas, Girlfriends!

Well, just as promised, I am sharing the first of four Advent devotions based on my Christmas message, A Beautiful ADVENTure: Saying Yes to God.

As I mentioned last week, I hope these weekly devotions will become interactive and you will leave a comment letting us know your thoughts and personal insights from God’s Word.

I love to hear from you and so to sweeten this a little, each one of you who leaves a comment, will receive a free gift!

I will send you a printable set of eight beautiful scripture encouragement cards for you to pass on to someone else. They were created just for me and are designed for Christmas.

Each card tells a woman who she is in God’s eyes (forgiven, loved, free, chosen, daughter, beautiful, mine and blessed) with a scripture to match. Print them off and give them away over the holiday to friends who need a little cheer. Or…

Tuck them inside your Christmas cards, leave one anonymously on a co-worker’s desk and if you lead a Bible study, print off sets to give as gifts to all your ladies! There are endless ideas and ways we can give scripture away!

Who doesn’t need to be reminded who they are and WHOSE they are – especially at Christmas?

My hope is that this series of devotions will bless you over the next four weeks. Take a little time for YOU as you take such good care to make Christmas special for your friends and family.

Many Blessings,

18 thoughts on “A Beautiful ADVENTure: Elizabeth”

    1. Donna – thank you so much for leaving the very first comment here this morning! I am grateful this came at just the right time for you. God is so faithful. Merry Christmas and hugs right back to you! xo

  1. Beautiful Laura. Well said. So true on all accounts. Right now I’m in a season of thankfulness- all is well with my soul and I am giving thanks. But as you so beautiful described, it hasn’t always been that way for us ladies including myself.

    I have your clean slate chalk board with the words ” remember the victories”. Those words were spoken to me and have carried me through some dark times. And they will continue to carry me as I know I will be challenged again. But God is faithful -,I may slip in my actions with my faith but if I contine to remember the victories I will grow and get threw all circumstances. I am always reminded He’s not finished with me!

    1. Thanks for your words here, Caroline. It makes me SO HAPPY to know you are in a season of thankfulness. I have to believe that even though Elizabeth went many years without her answered prayer, she also remained thankful and remembered her victories too. Lysa Terkeurst recently said that God loves us too much to answer our prayer at the wrong time – He alone has the big picture. xoxo

  2. I ❤️ed this. Praying fervently that I am a remnant. Praying that I can learn how to wait well. What a work in progress I am. Thank you for the beautiful lesson & cant wait until next week. I really needed to hear this. Praying blessings upon you as you share the promises of God with others.

    1. Ruthie: As I look around, it seems as though the faithful remnant is emerging in our culture. It is hard to be a fence sitter in this day and time.This is a very good thing, I think. Like you, I want to be found as one of the faithful! Thanks SO much for your sharing your thoughts with us here on the blog. Merry Christmas! xo

    1. Karen – thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! Your encouragement means a lot to me. I hope you will visit back next week for week 2. Merry Christmas! xo

  3. Hi Laura,
    Thank you for your post. I too have been in a season of waiting. And while I am waiting, I find I have to practice, and practice, and practice some more, being actively engaged in the present. God is teaching me how to live in the moment and experience His presence daily in this season. It is a sweet time of communion with the Holy Spirit and very hard to explain. While I wait during this Advent time I have learned more of God’s providence. I am paying attention, listening, and acting accordingly. I know my waiting period will soon end and He has called me to “fiercely lead” our local women’s ministry team. I have chosen TRUST as my 2018 word of the new year while believing that God does not call the equipped, He equips the called!

    1. Linda: Thanks so much for sharing your “waiting story.” I know exactly what you mean when you wrote,” It is a sweet time of communion with the Holy Spirit…”
      We experience and learn so much during the wait – if we choose to be teachable. xoxo

  4. Thank you Laura. Yes, I have walked in front of God my entire life and it made me very sick and I’ve brought many serious issues into my life. I am in the process of Breaking Free as we speak and I am actively putting difficult situations in Gods hands while trying to listen to the Hoy Spirits guidance. I will expect that this trouble I am going through right now is a gift and I praise God for it. Thanks again Laura!

    1. A prayer for you,Lisa… Dear Lord – please give Lisa the deep desire of her heart and heal her. In the process, teach her all about yourself and your Word. Convince her of your great love for her and strengthen her inner being. Set her feet upon the rock and give her a firm place to stand. May her story bring glory to you and when others hear it may they be convinced you are real. Thank you Lord for clean slates and fresh starts. Thank you that you see Lisa and have come to rescue. Amen.

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