Be Brave: Growing Up and Moving On

On the day I called to You, You answered me. You made me strong and brave. Psalm 138:3

Let’s be honest. Many Christian women, even after years of knowing Jesus, find themselves stuck and unable to move forward. They dream of a life that is relevant and more reflective of their status as one of His precious daughters but, unfortunately, has to admit that they are simply not there. Can you relate? Using the Word of God and lessons she’s learned along the way, Laura will share the brave steps you can take to grow up, move on and discover that it is never too late to be who He created you to be! Through this message, Laura will help you…

  • Dare to be honest with yourself about the areas where you are stuck
  • Identify the places where the Lord desires to work in your life
  • See beyond your current circumstances to the plan He has for your life
  • Exchange the lies you believe about yourself with the truth from God’s Word
  • Position yourself to bravely tackle the obstacles that keep you from becoming the woman He created you to be

[two, three or four 50-minute sessions]

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