Finding The Why

Hey There!

Are you enjoying the summer? It’s hot and humid here, but I understand the weekend will be glorious! I hope it is glorious where you are too!

I made a video this evening once the temperature finally dropped a bit. Just sharing some things that have been on my heart and mind. Who would have thought an experience with Lyme disease – of all things – would illustrate what happens when we don’t know the ‘why’?

Many Blessings!


2 thoughts on “Finding The Why”

  1. You are such a sweet spirit Laura! So glad our paths have crossed and I have come to know you better. Praying and thinking of you and your heart for women. Hugs

    1. Thanks SO MUCH Bobbi. Glad to have met you as well – I hope we will serve together at DRCC at some point! I appreciate your encouragement and kindness. Thanks for sharing the post too. xoxo

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