Lessons Learned Along The Way

Hello Girlfriends!

Can you believe it’s already May? Summer is almost here! I hope you are having a wonderful Spring!


We’ve had a challenging few months around here, but God has been faithful and good. I want to update you on what’s been happening and share a few things I’m learning along the way.

The video is longer than usual, so think of it as a podcast! 😊 My deepest hope is that you will find what I am sharing helpful and that you will gain a few practical ‘tools’ to apply to your own life.

Thanks for listening. I am mindful that your time is valuable. At the bottom of this post are Scriptures and quotes – some shared in the video and some that are not. I thought maybe you’d like to have them in print.

Many Blessings,

“He has the right to interrupt your life. He is the Lord. When you accepted Him as Lord, you gave Him the right to help Himself to your life anytime He wants.” – Henry Blackaby


The antonym for “judgmental” is “respectful”

When we feel judged:

“It is dangerous to be concerned with what others think of you.” – Proverbs 29:25

It is an emotional trap when you start worrying about what other people think.

When we judge others:

The New Testament definition of the word “judge”: condemn, damn, condemning, murder

“God never gives us discernment so that we may criticize, but that we may intercede.” – My Utmost for His Highest


The enemy is counting on the fact that you are going to forget who you are and whose you are when going through a crisis. And the best way to get us to forget is to leave us depleted.

“Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will not be shaken. My salvation and my honor depend on God; He is my mighty rock, my refuge.” — Psalm 62:5-7


“Resilience is not wishful thinking, positive thinking, or denial. It is the ability to optimistically view the future, even when the worst has happened. It is the capacity to recognize the truth and except it, to look at the future with hope and realism, and to except God‘s dealings with you as good. When hard things happen, God doesn’t turn His back. In fact, I believe He leans in closer and reminds us in a thousand ways that He is good all the time.” – Jan Silvious, Courage for the Unknown Season, pg. 33

Redemption, Restoration and Repair {with loved ones}:

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” — Romans 12:18

6 thoughts on “Lessons Learned Along The Way”

  1. Wow, there is such truth and wonderful advice in this post. Thank you, Laura, for letting us learn through your experiences! Yay, God, for gifting you in such a profound way!

  2. Laura thank you so much for speaking from your experiences to bless and help all of us. Although there were many points that spoke to me personally, I think one in particular was really emphasized. I have long held the same viewpoint that it is important vitally important to take care of ourselves and our needs for rest and peace in order to take care of others. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we don’t have enough energy and patience to help others. Thank you for validating that concept, and I hope everyone else gets that message and applies it to their lives. God bless you, Laura. You are in my prayers.

    1. Thanks for such a kind response, Joyce. I couldn’t agree with you more. We often think of the physical toll when taking care of others, but in my experience, the physical part has nothing on the emotional strain and stress. We must allow ourselves time to rest and change our thinking that somehow it’s selfish or indulgent to do so. Thanks again for commenting! I appreciate your prayers. xoxo

  3. Hi Laura,

    I always listen to or read your posts and am compelled to continue offering encouragement. Some of your sisters in Christ, including me, are walking similar walks while others have already taken this journey and many more will in years to come. Your insight is valuable for all.

    Very glad to know that your dad was able to come to this decision as difficult as it has been. We have been less fortunate on this path with our in-laws, leading to much concern and frustration. Many days are 2 steps forward 3 steps back and unfortunately no immediate family is within a 2 hour window. Add a second marriage into the equation, and we are in the midst of full-time negotiations with 7 children and their spouses as well as very independently minded seniors, who sadly should not be living as they are. Your prayers are also valued.

    I’m glad in the midst of all your challenges, that God continues to lay on your heart the importance of sharing your journey with others.


    1. Jenni: Thanks for taking the time to share. Ours was not a smooth journey – we took steps forward and backward through it all as well, but our situation is not as complicated as yours. I am so sorry you have all this to deal with. I will be praying for you. The fierce fight to remain independent is admirable and and has kept them going this far – but on the flip side it can be the hardest thing to deal with when the time comes for daily assistance. As always our greatest strengths are also our greatest weaknesses. Many Blessings.

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