Pull Up A Chair: There’s Room At The Table For You

Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God. Romans 15:7

Many women feel invisible – to themselves, to others and even to God. This is a very effective tool the enemy uses to keep us stuck, isolated, cause us to dim our light, withhold our contribution and keep us from our purpose.

By taking a look at the true stories of Biblical women, listeners will discover:

  • The Bible tells a compelling truth from Genesis to Revelation that God esteems and loves women – even women who have a ‘past’.
  • These real flesh and blood women have been placed in God’s book to show us that we are seen, loved and included – no matter what our circumstances may be.
  • The importance of welcoming all women into our circles – cliques have no place in the body of Christ.
  • That each woman has a unique and valuable place at the table – one that no one else can fill.

[Four 50-minute sessions. Session One can also be given as one 50-minute session]

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