Put In The Time

Hello Girlfriends!

I have another video message for you today!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying the remaining weeks of summer. My goodness it has gone by so fast! Don’t you remember how long the summers seemed to be when we were kids? Now they are just zooming by. In fact, life is zooming by, isn’t it?

You know, if we are not mindful, years will slip by and we could miss the opportunity to grow up and become all God has created us to be. There is only one way to mature as a believer in Jesus, and that is to put in the time.

I know, easier said than done – right?

But the truth is, we will not grow and we will not get better unless we find a way to be committed and consistant. There’s no way around it, we have to put in the time.


If you are part of a women’s ministry either in your church or in your community, I am sure there is a Fall Bible study being planned for you right now! August is when the final plans are being made. Will you pray for your leaders?

And, if you are not yet part of a circle of women who go to God’s Word together, pray about joining in. Safe circles of women, who study the scriptures regularly, are the best ‘incubators’ for us to grow. 🙂

Our group will be studying Proven by Jennie Allen. What will you be studying this Fall?

Love to all,

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