Still Becoming: Hope, Help and Healing for the Diet-Weary Soul

Be very careful about what you think. Your thoughts run your life – Proverbs 4:23

This message is based on Laura’s 31-day devotional journal, Still Becoming: Hope, Help and Healing for the Diet-Weary Soul.

According to a recent study by NIH, 84% of women report they are unhappy with their bodies. Another study put the number at 91%. We know this reflects our culture and the toxic messages we have received over a lifetime.

This is not the message of Scripture, though.

With such high percentages of women struggling with how they see themselves, Still Becoming is a message for any woman who desires to lose toxic thinking about food, her body and her worth.

This is not a diet message. This is not a “here’s what you need to do” message. Still Becoming is a one day at a time journey through Laura’s own lessons learned along the way.

In this message Laura will share how her thinking was challenged, and the freedom that came when she finally learned to think differently.

And, this is truly where the battle lies – in our mind and soul – not on our plate.

In this gentle message women will be given tools to:

  • Rethink their thinking regarding food, body image and dieting.
  • Reject shame in all of it’s forms – it is not from our God.
  • Fire the food police.
  • Begin to think of herself as needing healing instead of relying on dieting to fix what is broken inside.
  • Get to the bottom of her “why”.
  • Learn to accept and give grace to herself on the journey to freedom.

[Two 50-minute sessions] This message is also suitable for a specific group of women who are seeking healing from disordered eating and related issues.

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