The Hope Of Thursday

Hello Girlfriends,

I have been wanting to share a story with you for a few weeks, and there is no better time than Holy Thursday!  I hope you are having a meaningful Holy Week and have been able to carve out moments to be still.

I know this can be hard for you who are in very busy seasons, but please don’t rush by with your eyes only on the Easter celebration. Turn on some quiet praise music and open your Bible. Read the promises Jesus gave to His disciples on Thursday evening. Let it all sink in.

I truly hope this post is a blessing to you and may even be part of your quiet time. If you know someone who may be encouraged by my story, please do share. It has already lifted the spirits of quite a few friends – our God is so incredibly kind. He is glorified in all of the stories He writes into our lives!

If you would like to read along, the scripture referenced in the video is John 13:33-14:6 (NIV).

Have a blessed week and wonderful Easter!

Love to all,

7 thoughts on “The Hope Of Thursday”

  1. Thank you for sharing Laura!! This is so special and dear. I lost my daddy in the last year too. And my mom prior. I had an experience in both their deaths just as you described. This touched my heart and I so appreciate you recounting this…it’s amazing how God stirs our hearts and as Christians He reassures our hearts that our loved ones are in His care. He’s such a gentleman and loves us so dearly. Hugs..

    1. Bobbi – Thank you for sharing this with me – I look forward to hearing your story! Have a blessed Easter! xo

  2. Thank you , Laura- I am so glad you had this blessed assurance! Yay, God, for his amazing faithfulness and care. Love you!

  3. Thank you Laura. Even in your season of loss, God is giving you the bigger picture. Thank you for compassionately sharing it with those in need. Blessings.

    1. Jenni – It was an amazing experience. I still can’t get over it. Thank you for your kind words. Happy Easter!

  4. Laura,
    What a blessing God has given you. I had a special experience when my brother passed, that I knew was from God, that I will never forget. Yes, all the firsts’ that happen are painful, but I keep reminding my self of His promise. That one day, we will see our loved ones again.
    Peace be with you, and a blessed Easter! Hugs

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