The Return Trip

[My friend, Donna Bowles, is guest blogging today. I’m so thankful she was willing to do this for me while I am with my mother in the hospital.]

One summer I had the opportunity to learn a lot about the Kemp’s Ridley turtle while camping in Virginia Beach at Naval Air Station Oceana. As it turns out, one of those turtles found her way to Virginia Beach in June and buried 73 eggs in the sand on the military beach. It is unusual for this turtle, which is the most endangered species of turtle, to lay her eggs so far north. A protective cage was immediately built around the eggs. Caution tape and signs that said, “Property of U.S. Navy. Do not disturb. Penalty of law,” surrounded the cage. At night, there were even some really dedicated people who spent the night on the beach making sure the babies were okay after they hatched and started moving. This was serious stuff!

As I stood and looked at the site one day, I was impressed to see the turtle watchers had dug a trench from the cage on the sand near the dune, to where they were sure the tide would come in. This was done so the turtles could make their way safely to the ocean. The passageway to the ocean was very narrow and the sides were high and angled for their protection. To veer out of that path would not have been safe for the babies. Some of the turtles moved up out of the sand at night, and the “watchers” used a small a red light to help them find their way down the narrow path. It is said that bright lights near the beach might have caused the turtles to become disoriented, and then they would have lost their way and been in danger.

Jesus says to us, “I am the way and the truth and the life.”  John 14:6

He has prepared a safe and narrow path for us to His Father, and His Word is our light along the way. He asked the Father to give us the Holy Spirit to help us. He provides “watchers” to help us get back on the path when we are moving toward danger. He knows we are easily distracted by our own “bright lights,” and that they can sometimes be dangerous for us if we give in to their appeal.

How are you doing on your own journey? Have you found the way to be bumpy and full of potholes? Have you left the narrow path and found all roads lead to gridlock? Are you longing for directions for the return trip? The good news is you are not alone! Begin the move back to Him by spending some time in His Word, in prayer, and by being quiet, (put up the Do Not Disturb sign) and listening to the Holy Spirit. His Word says, “He listens to my prayers. He listens to me every time I call to Him.” Psalm 116:2. Close your eyes and imagine sitting across from Jesus as you talk to Him. Share your struggle with a trusted sister and ask her to pray with you and for you. Follow the Light!

“By your words I can see where I’m going; they throw a beam of light on my dark path.”  Psalm 119:105

Donna Bowles

Book Laura

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