Time Got Away From Me

I’ve got a lot going on. I don’t know how it all snuck up on me, but it has.

I lost a week at the end of April when my dad was in the hospital – maybe that’s how the time got away from me. All I know is, all of a sudden, it dawned on me that May is here and boy will it be an eventful month for our family!

This is going to be a crazy week. It’s all good stuff – but it’s all happening at once.

Here’s what is going on:

  • Our oldest son, Patrick, turns 30 years old on Friday
  • Our youngest son, Matt, is graduating from Messiah College on Saturday morning
  • Our middle son, Grant, is flying to Europe for a 10-day vacation on Saturday night
  • Matt will fly to LA, California, to begin a 10-week internship on Sunday morning
  • I will be in a heap on the floor on Sunday afternoon

I’m only kidding about the last bullet. But I will be tired!

Now when you look at the list, it all seems kind of normal – doesn’t it? Children having birthdays, graduations, vacations, internships – they’re all good things and are no big deal. Right?


For moms, these milestones are a very, very big deal. Each and every one has intense emotion wrapped all around it.

We can’t believe our children are old as they are. It starts when they are one year old and then 10, 20, and so on. Birthdays, graduations – they are all bittersweet occasions.

We miss what was, but are filled with joyful anticipation to see what God will do next.

Grief and joy often appear together in a mother’s heart. It seems to be a condition we must learn to live with.

And when they go? Well, that’s another bittersweet occasion.

We are happy and grateful that the fruit of all our work has led to the first steps of independence. We are thankful that our children have the courage to go new places and try new things – even if their adventures take them far from home.

But… we worry.

We fret.

We imagine all kinds of things. We keep one eye open at night just to be sure someone is thinking about them while they are far away.

And we pray – oh my goodness do we ever pray.

Grief and joy often appear together in a mother’s heart, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Both emotions connect us to dependence on God who watches over our children as they grow and go.

We give our conflicted hearts to Him.


The time got away from me and suddenly May was here.

And it’s the same with my boys. The time got away from me and suddenly, it dawned on me that they are all grown up.

As I head into this week, I am intensely happy and sad all at the same time. Missing what was, but joyfully anticipating what comes next for each one.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Many Blessings,

 Are you celebrating a ‘milestone’ with your children? Will you please leave a comment? How I may pray for you and your dear mama’s heart? Love to all. xoxo


28 thoughts on “Time Got Away From Me”

  1. Yes the grief & joy our momma’s hearts go through…My daughter & her family leave for India in June for a yr.& It is coming quickly! I am happy for them & the experience they will have but will miss them & those precious grandchildren. Right along with the sad there will be joy..Thank you, Laura needed this post as I was crying my eyes out last night.DD

    1. Debbie — Prayers are going UP right now for your daughter and her family as they leave for such a far away place. I just knew this post would resonate with so many women who like us, are conflicted in our hearts when it comes to letting our children go — no matter their age or stage in life. We are still their mom. Sending love. xoxo

  2. Laura, what a packed emotional week! As a fellow mother of sons, I understand. It seems hellos always lead to goodbyes. Pride and thankfulness go hand in hand with pure loss. I pray for you, Pat and your mains to walk with God as you journey ahead.
    I ask for your prayers for Paul and Jenn, older son and DIL who are separated. They know the Savior but are leaning on human wisdom and rescue. They need to yield their pride and fall on Him.

    1. Rose — I am praying right now for Paul, your DIL and what you have requested. I am also praying for YOU my friend. Thank you for praying for me. xoxo

  3. my middle graduates from high school June 1.and goes off to college in the fall.bridal party June 4..grad party june 19.. my oldest getting married june 25 two days later moving to california for at least the next 3 years ..my youngest daughter is 16…just found out my mother n law(who lives in north carolina) has stage 4 alzheimer’s and my mom lives with us. love seeing my girls will be hard not to see them as often.

    1. Dawn –YOU have a lot going on. Such is the life of a mother. I am sure you are learning how to trust Him more and more –and that always brings joy. Praying right now for all of your concerns and your happy milestones as well. xoxo

  4. What a week of mixed emotions, Laura. Yes, grief and joy together. I have a grand-daughter graduating Sunday, the 4th grandchild already. Time seems to go so fast. I still worry and fret for my kids but also my grandkids. This line is so encouraging to me – “Both emotions connect us to dependence on God who watches over our children as they grow and go.” We can worry so much as they step out on their own, but we have a God we can depend on who watches over them 24/7. The song/video brought tears to my eyes. Where have all the years gone? May God hold you up through this busy week! I’m your neighbor at Lori’s.

    1. Oh Trudy –I am so mindful that this mother’s heart will go on and extend to my grandchildren one day. So grateful that He “has it” and I can go to Him with my worries. You have a lot going on too. I will pray for your grandchildren and for YOU. Thank you for stopping by. Many Blessings. xoxo

  5. Laura, I am neighbor #31 at Winter’s today. My youngest is 38+ and we’ve been an empty nest since 1996. Today, I said good-bye to him and his girlfriend after a couple days of visiting. Goodbye’s never get easier – hate to tell you this but it’s truth! I am so thankful for Facebook and texting because it keeps us connected. xo

    1. Susan — thanks for stopping by! I know what you mean about it not getting any easier. Our oldest son lived in Tennessee and Georgia for a few years ( we are in Maryland) and our middle son currently lives in Chicago. It’s hard to have them so far away! Many Blessings! xo

  6. Ah, how that Nicole Nordeman song gets me everytime I hear it! I will be 50 this year, my dad will be gone for seven years (May 31), and my oldest will turn 16 next month. Time gets away from me, too, and I need to realize that I must engage in every moment because time doesn’t slow for anyone! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Praying for grace for you!

    1. Selena – thanks so much for sharing a bit of your story. My mother died one year ago and changes just keep on rolling through our family. Such is life. I do not know what I’d do without prayer and God’s peace & promises. Many Blessings!xoxo

  7. I’m not celebrating a specific milestone, but I’m at the place where I am wondering where my babies went. My little girls have grown so big so fast, and I am desperately trying to keep up with the whole process of mothering them well. I am looking forward to the slower pace of summer and soaking up the sun with them.

    1. Sarah — I am counting the days until summer too. I loved having that unstructured time with my boys when they were young. Enjoy every minute!

  8. Hi Laura,
    Oh, goodness, I related to so much here! Mine are younger than yours, but the milestones are happening QUICKLY!
    “We miss what was, but are filled with joyful anticipation to see what God will do next.” – Amen! I always say I am so ever thankful for healthy and blessed milestones, but I sure do miss what was. Lately, with my 14-year-old I have found myself looking at pictures of his little years and just wanting to snuggle him one more time like he was! But, I am thankful for all that he is becoming at the very same time!
    Thank you for sharing this hope with us at my new Moments of Hope Link-up. It gets tough in the middle of mommyhood and your words share HOPE for those times! Thank you!

    Blessings and smiles,

    1. Oh thanks, Lori! I appreciate your sweet words — it IS tough in the middle of mommyhood but it is also JOYFUL! God bless you and your ministry! xoxo

  9. We are closing out a school year and it is full…full of milestones…full of appointments…full of activity. Thanks for the reminder that these days are fleeting. Thanks also for linking to Waiting on…Wednesday!

  10. LOVE this, Laura! Truer words were never spoken! Thanks so much for sharing this on last week’s Coffee and Conversation… I’m mentioning this as a featured post on tomorrow’s edition 😉

    1. Pat –thank you SO MUCH. I appreciate the encouragement and that you will mention this as a featured post tomorrow. God Bless you! xo

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  13. Laura your blog brought back to mind when my children grew up and left home…one the right way and one the wrong way. I survived–they survived–we all survived. It is amazing how the happiness and sadness blend together perfectly as orchestrated by our God.

    1. Thank you, Pat. Some of our kids take the long and winding road — it is so hard, but He wants us to keep giving it over to Him. That’s how we survive. Thank you for commenting and sharing. xoxo

  14. My middle son is starting middle school this year and I keep thinking how did I become the mom of two middle school boys? Sure I homeschool so this doesn’t have a huge impact on us and the time we spend together but in my mind they are all still in elementary school. The days are long but the years are short!

    1. Yes– the days are long but the years are short. How true. Thank you for stopping by –my mom always said that once the kids began middle school the years would fly by — and they sure did. It seems like a blink. Many Blessings. xo

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