Unfinished Business: A Good Friday Devotion

Hello Girlfriends,

As promised, here is a short devotion for Good Friday. I hope you are able to settle in and not rush on to the Easter celebration. Today is a good day to reflect on what He has done and what our response will be to His sacrifice.

The video devotion is based on John 19:25- 30, the last few minutes of Jesus’ life on earth.  Praying that it blesses you on this holy day.

Sunday’s coming!

6 thoughts on “Unfinished Business: A Good Friday Devotion”

  1. Thanks for this message! May we all be lifelong learners – never settling for where we are, but continuing to move closer to Jesus and the things that HE has for us at each stage of our lives. Great question for us to contemplate – what is our next unfinished business that HE wants us to go after?

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