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Woman praying
One Year...
It is hard to believe, but today marks one year since my mother went to heaven. I was going to write...
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Caucasian woman writing a letter
The Key To Doing Life Well
Where did all the time go? As February winds down and March appears on the horizon, I feel as if the...
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Winter landscape of a mountain river in the snow, around the forest
Buried {under layers of snow}
We have been buried under 30 inches of snow! Our little town of Damascus was right in the bullseye of...
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Portrait of joyful girl with a gift box for Christmas on a city street in winter
Christmas Joy
Merry Christmas dear friends! I hope you are enjoying the days leading up to Christmas Eve! No, you didn’t...
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Yoga and meditation position with two aged senior man and woman together giving thanks to the sun
Practicing Peace {in a crazy world}
It’s been a tough week for this old planet. We’ve received quite a bit of shocking and heartbreaking...
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wooden fence and walking path to the ocean beach at Cape May, NJ, USA
One Wise Woman
Our plan was to not have a plan. We both simply wanted to sit, relax, chat and look at the waves for...
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Our Dear Marylou
My summer started with a long-awaited lunch with one of my oldest and dearest friends. We wanted to get...
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Ocean Wave
The Third Month Is The Hardest...
They say the third month is the hardest. It’s after life goes back to normal for everyone but you. You...
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Dark silhouette of a young woman standing with raised up hands on a stone enjoying sunset view
Maybe  It’s Time
Sometimes, you just need to go and have a little talk with yourself. When I was young and would get all...
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My Sisters
I don’t have any sisters. On top of that, my mom and dad were only children — so I also do not...
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You Will Never Truly Understand {until it happens to you}
There are some things you just can’t know until you experience them. You think you know, but really you...
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Two turtles going to the sea
The Return Trip
[My friend, Donna Bowles, is guest blogging today. I’m so thankful she was willing to do this for...
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