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Consider the Source {when a friend hurts you}
Hi There, I know it’s late — it is after 11:00 PM my time as I write this to you. I figure...
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Don't Be The Rock
We finally had a snow day yesterday! It’s been a snowless winter until now – I was so grateful...
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Protesters Marching on Capitol building
If The March For Life Was Painful
The March for Life was last Friday and, if I didn’t have to work, I would have been there.  Washington...
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International Womens Day. Women, Female, Feminism, Friends, Girl power, diversity, femininity
The Truth About Your Sweet Feminine Self
There was a lot of commotion out there this past weekend regarding our role as women in our society and...
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Long Walk Part Of The Gift
An African boy listened carefully as his missionary teacher explained why Christians give presents to...
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pebble stones
Gathering Stones
This morning, Pat and I are heading down to the beach for a few days. We’ve been keeping a watchful eye...
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Open book and coffee or tea in a mug that says blessed on the table in morning sunlight
Unexpected Blessings
 [My friend and ministry partner of 18 years, Donna Bowles, is guest-blogging today. I know you will...
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Smiling women posing in countryside
Three Women {three haunting beautiful faces}
Happy Tuesday dear friends!  This week, I am so very happy to have my sweet friend Cyndi Word guest-posting...
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Forest landscape with sunbeams, mossy trees and stones
Giving Up The Right To Be Right
Last summer, my family and I took a trip across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to the Eastern Shore of Maryland....
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Prayer candles
The Push/Pull {of letting go}
I made it! If you read my post last week, you may remember that I was struggling a bit. We had a whole...
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A clock maker working on antique clock
Time Got Away From Me
I’ve got a lot going on. I don’t know how it all snuck up on me, but it has. I lost a week at the end...
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Monochromatic image of resting place of homeless person who's belongings are in a shopping cart.
What Will They Inherit From You?
In most families, precious treasures are passed down from one generation to another. Such things are...
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