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When Your Story Intersects With God's Call {it could be time to fly}
If you have walked with the Lord for any length of time, you know this very well: Life, both personally...
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The Hope Of Thursday
Hello Girlfriends, I have been wanting to share a story with you for a few weeks, and there is no better...
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Tourist girl at railway station platform
The Truth About Sacred Journeys
Hi There! If you find yourself in the middle of a journey that is long, hard and seems ANYTHING but sacred,...
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Neighborhood house, street sign that is reminding people to BE KIND to one another.
The Disarming Kindness Of God
Hello Girlfriends! It’s Valentine’s Day and I have a short message I hope speaks to your...
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Happy New Year
The Difference Between Believing and Knowing
Hi Girlfriends, Long time no see! It’s been a quite a while since I’ve posted anything new...
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Thanksgiving Eve
It’s Thanksgiving Eve and I thought maybe someone might need a little encouragement tonight.  I...
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Crepe Myrtles and Underground Springs
When we moved into our home 26 years ago, the previous owners told us the neighborhood was built on rock. ...
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Let Him Catch You
Being still is very hard for me. I am by nature high energy and a multitasker – and God created me with...
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Pink spring background
Lessons Learned Along The Way
Hello Girlfriends! Can you believe it’s already May? Summer is almost here! I hope you are having a wonderful...
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Concept Clipped Cards and Lights
What I Wanted To Say Before Christmas...
Hello Girlfriends, Well, today is the first day of a brand spanking, full of promise new year! I hope...
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Portrait of joyful girl with a gift box for Christmas on a city street in winter
Christmas Joy
Just as I did last week, I am sharing a post from two years ago. It was the first Christmas without my...
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Young traveler standing and looking at beautiful landscape
A Beautiful ADVENTure: Anna
This is our 3rd devotion for Advent and it is coming to you in written form instead of video. I have...
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