Soul Fitness: Strengthening Your Core {some encouragement for Holy Thursday}
Hello Friends, I was reading through the Gospel of John today and have a little bit of encouragement...
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Soul Fitness: Strengthening Your Core {sharing the hope}
Hi Friends, My heart has been heavy for those who don’t know Jesus. You too? I have never encountered...
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Soul Fitness: Strengthening Your Core {a change in perspective}
Happy Monday Girlfriends, I have no doubt that over the past two weeks during all of the upheavals,...
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Soul Fitness: Strengthening Your Core {feed yourself first}
Hi There, As promised, this is the second video blog of the new series. Each little lesson will offer...
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Soul Fitness: Strengthening Your Core {remember}
Hello Girlfriends, Well, we are one week into the ‘new normal’ and I truly hope you are...
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Sovereignty and Suffering; Hope for Your Anxious Heart
Hello My Sisters, Since I have a suddenly cleared calendar, I thought I would jump on twice a week...
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Setting the Temperature in an Unsettled World
Hi Friends, Today was a game-changer for the state of Maryland. Our governor made a sweeping executive...
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If The March For Life Was Painful
Hello Girlfriends, Today is The March for Life in Washington D.C. I wrote this post in 2017, and ever...
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Consider The Source {when a friend hurts you}
Happy Monday Girlfriends! Last month, as I was working on my new website, I read over and listened...
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Long Walk Part Of The Gift
  An African boy listened carefully as his missionary teacher explained why Christians give presents...
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Help For A Meaningful Advent {and a give-away too!}
Let’s just admit it, we all struggle with keeping Christmas in perspective. The season just seems...
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Welcome To My New Website!
Welcome to my new Website!
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