Lucinda Secrest McDowell

Have you struggled a lifetime with disordered eating and body issues? Do you ever just long to sit down with someone who understands all you have experienced, questioned, and fought to overcome? Oh, friend, let me graciously introduce you to author Laura Acuña and her newest book Still Becoming. Though I’ve read a fair amount of books on these subjects, I suspect I have never felt truly known and seen. Until now. Laura Acuña vulnerably shares her life with us, ultimately offering a better path to embracing the full and flourishing life God intended all along. And, it’s not at the end of a diet. It’s not a magic number on a scale. It is in true transformation from the inside out. Freedom. And that’s why the butterfly on the cover is such a perfect visual for Laura’s story. And perhaps yours and mine as well. Fill yourself with these thirty-one days of stories of inspiration and encouragement. And watch who you become.

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